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Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

We have a very vibrant and large dispute resolution practice that spans proceedings in the various trial and... read more

Intellectual Property

The firm’s intellectual property department is involved in virtually all aspects dealing with the maintenance... read more

Real Estate & Succession

Our real estate practice provides legal support in the sale, acquisition and perfection of title to landed property in Nigeria... read more

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

We provide legal support in the execution of Mergers and Acquisitions, Syndicated Loans, Loan Documentation and related... read more.


10 Nov

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Nigeria vis-à-vis the Limitation Period under the Limitation Laws

The Need for Urgent Legislative Intervention.[1] Summary of Article: Arbitration is probably the oldest method of dispute resolution...

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20 Jan

Implications of the Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Non-Compliance with Rule 10 of the Rules of Professional Conduct on use of Authenticating Stamps and Seals.

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) recently circulated the following synopsis to members: “SUPREME COURT AFFIRMS THAT FAILURE TO AFFIX NBA STAMP & SEAL ON A LEGAL DOCUMENT RENDERS SUCH LEGAL DOCUMENT INCOMPETENT...

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16 Dec

Parallel Importation and the Exhaustion of Rights Principle under the “TRIPS Agreement” and the “Doha Declaration”

Parallel importation is the concept used for the importation and resale of genuine products from a distributor who legally obtained it from a manufacturer at a low price instead of buying directly from the manufacturer...

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